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Vi-Scan had a humble beginning in 2017 with just one center operating out of New Delhi, It was a long standing dream of Dr. Vijay Lilaramani, CEO Chesa Dental Care to have a chain of Dental diagnostic centers to be able to allow each and every Dentist to have the facility of a great quality scan to be able to diagnose his/ her patient in the best way possible.

With a lot of dedication and hard work, Vi-Scan has expanded to over 15 centers across India in the course of the last one year and is looking to expand to over 100 centers in the near future. We want to be able to bring the solution of quality, low radiation scanning to Dentists and patients all over India.

Our Vision

To Infuse our ‘ABC’ – Analysis Based Care concept in every segment of the population and pioneer ways to increase the visibility of every practitioner, before every treatment, for every patient. To create a sustainable and scalable, value-based health care business model (VBHC) in association with like-minded individuals.

Our Mission

To provide access to every healthcare professional to be able to look beneath the surface and empower them to practice in an accurate, precise, safe and predictable manner.At Vi-Scan, your patients are our patients and we believe their comfort comes first. We work with the utmost level of care and consideration because every patient deserves the best quality of care.

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